Warzone SMG Tier List December 2020

Warzone SMG Tier List December 2020
Warzone SMG Tier List December 2020 / Photo Courtesy of Activision

The Warzone SMG tier list for December is here. With the constant updates containing nerfs and buffs for all guns, we have the current tier list for the SMG category in Warzone. Note these aren't the same as Black Ops Cold War guns, as we know, these guns run on two different engines. So don't be offended if your favorite Multiplayer gun isn't on the list.

Warzone SMG Tier List December 2020

1. MP5, MP7

These two have completely separated themselves from the pack. While the MP7 has a higher fire rate and better recoil control, its damage per second is lower than the MP5. That's what separates these two from one another, so purely off of preference, you can choose from either of these from the best tier of SMGs.

2. Fennec, AUG, P90, PP19 Bizon

The Fennec is high powered and great for close combat, however the magazine capacity can leave you vulnerable against an entire squad. The AUG is great from distance, however, its semi-auto feature makes its damage difficult to deal with enemies up close. The P90 is great close range, but killing enemies at distance is very difficult, limiting the weapons capabilities. The PP19 has less damage per second at close range than the P90 but is better at distance damage. It also has a larger magazine size as well.

3. Striker 45, Uzi, ISO

These last guns are mostly those you only use when initially dropping into Verdansk. The ISO lacks the fire rate of a gun similar to the MP5/MP7. The Uzi has redeemable qualities, however it also has some recoil issues. Lastly, the Striker 45 has terrible recoil, and is almost similar to an assault rifle with how it performs.

The overall point of the SMG is to be effective at close range combat with a high fire rate. This is what factored into our creating of this list. When you create a class you can account for the weaknesses of some of these guns like the PP19 or Aug to create a Top Tier SMG. However, were taking these weapons for face value before all of that.