Warzone SMG Tier List Season 2

The Mac-10 finally has some competition heading into Season 2.
The Mac-10 finally has some competition heading into Season 2. /

Warzone Season 2 is finally here introducing two new weapons to the fray. One of which is the LC10 SMG which is tearing up both Verdansk and Cold War multiplayer.

Here is the Warzone Season 2 SMG Tier List.

Warzone SMG Tier List Season 2

1. S-Tier: Cream of the Crop

  • Mac-10
  • LC10

While it is clear that the Mac-10 is leaps and bounds ahead of every other gun in the meta right now, the real talk of Verdansk right now is the LC10. The Cold War SMG, which was introduced with the launch of Season 2, has emerged as a possible contender for the Mac-10's throne, with many pros and casual players viewing it as a potential meta gun.

Its more manageable recoil, and slightly better range, make it an ideal weapon to add to any Warzone loadout. If you are lucky enough to find one its Blueprints in the supply crates do not hesitate to grab it, you'll thank us later.

2. A-Tier: Top Shelf Weapons.

  • MP5 (MW)
  • AK74u
  • Fennec
  • MP7

While the MW variant of the MP5 isn't considered to be S-Tier anymore, it is still more than capable of dominating a lobby when given its fair dues. In fact there are still some Warzone pros who prefer it over the Mac-10 simply because it is better at dealing with mid-range gunfights. The MP7 and the AK74u have more or less established themselves as truly being A-Tier weapons. With the right setup they can get you out of a pinch when you need them the most and are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the ARs in Warzone. And then the Fennec is quite simply a melt-machine in close range fights.

3. B-Tier: Gamers' Best Friend

  • AUG (MW)
  • Bullfrog
  • P90
  • Uzi

Now that the Bullfrog has been added to the list of weapons that can be found in supply crates and on the floor, players are finally getting to experience what the Bizon should have been like. The Cold War SMG isn't quite ready to make the jump to A-Tier quite yet, but it is still a very viable option for your loadout should you opt not to use the Mac-10 or any other weapon currently ranked above it. While the Uzi and P90 haven't gotten as much screen time in recent months as they used to back when Warzone first launched, they like the Bullfrog are still good enough to get the job done for you in close-range engagements.

4. C-Tier: These Exist

  • Striker 45
  • KSP 45
  • PP19 Bizon

These are all essentially supply crate weapons that you'll come across every now and then that are marginally better than the F-Tier weapons. The Striker is a decent enough SMG by its own merit, however it is also likely to be the first gun that is discarded when you manage to acquire a loadout or just a better option. With the Bullfrog now being properly established as a viable weapon, it's Modern Warfare counterpart the PP19 has well and truly faded into the background as it were. And then as the title of this tier list would suggest, the KSP 45 is one of those weapons that just exists in the ether of the game that is neither good nor bad.

5. F-Tier: The Worst

  • Milano 821
  • ISO

These weapons are the kind of things you'll find when you scrape off all the crud on a decaying barrel. They just aren't all that good. Granted the Milano is a decent pick-up weapon at the start of a game, especially when you are in a high-octane flurry. But after that you are better off just ditching the weapon as soon as you find something better. The ISO is a gun that just never appears in Warzone period. There might be the occasional player who uses this weapon but it is very rare to say the least.