Warzone Sniper Meta Still Unsettled After Season 3 Nerf


With every new Warzone season comes different weapon buffs, and the inevitable nerfs of overpowered weapons. What isn't common, however, is an entire class of weapons receiving a nerf. That is exactly what happened to snipers in Warzone after Season 3 completely revamped the meta.

Fan favorites such as the Kar98k and Swiss K31 have fallen off after being the most dominant snipers in Warzone for the last few months, and other solid options such as the HDR and ZRG 20mm now have players split on what they should use. The recent nerfs have reduced damage and bullet velocity, and adjusted the bullet drop, making what were once safe options obsolete.

So, What Does This Mean for the Sniper Meta?

As of now there are still viable Snipers to be used, but there is no clear choice of which is best. Players recently have been using the AX-50, and the 3-Line Rifle. The HDR and ZRG 20mm are also still being highly used despite the nerfs. The real deciding factor in what Sniper to use is really up to the preferences/playstyle of the player.

With the nerf of Snipers, Warzone has blown open the meta for assault rifles and SMGs to completely take over. WZRanked, which aggregates weapon usage rates in Warzone, shows the most-used sniper in the game at the moment is the HDR, and it's the only sniper rifle in the top 10 most-used guns. That may frustrate players dissatisfied with the lack of weapon-type diversity in the game.

With Season 4 about a month a way, here's hoping snipers can return to their former glory. In the meantime, players can test out the waters on what snipers best fit them.