Warzone Sniper Rifle Tier List October 2021

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Season Six of Call of Duty: Warzone is almost here, and players are starting to get ready for the new content. For the end of Season Five, however, many players are still trying to finish off the battle pass or just get as many wins as they can. In order to help players select the best loadout they can, here are the best Sniper Rifles ranked in Warzone as of October 2021.

Warzone Sniper Rifle Tier List October 2021

5. S Tier: Swiss K31 and ZRG 20MM

These weapons are the best of the best when it comes to Warzone snipers. The Swiss is the best all around sniper in the game, even having some use in mid range. The ZRG is a long range gun only, but it hits like a truck and for those far away enemies, there is no better sniper in the game.

4. A Tier: LW3 Tundra, M82, HDR

All of these snipers are good in their own right. The Tundra is the epitome of consistent. It hits hard, and is on the faster side. It really just does everything above average. The M82 is the go to weapon for semi-auto snipers, and the HDR is always a consistent pick for the big hits at long range.

3. B Tier: AX-50

The AX-50 is the most average sniper in the category. It does everything ok, but at the same time it has no stand out qualities especially after the introduction of the Tundra and Swiss. It is usable but there are better options for all facets of gameplay.

2. C Tier: Pellington 703, Rytec AMR

This is where the snipers start to get unusable. The Pellington is a worse version of the Swiss at every level. There is simply no reason to use it when the Swiss exists. The Rytec is not great either, as a lower damage semi-auto alternative to the M82. The only thing keeping it from D Tier is the exploding bullets it can use against vehicles for more damage.

1. D Tier: Dragunov

There is virtually no reason to use the Dragunov, unless players are nostalgic for older Call of Duty games. It is a pea shooter compared to the other semi-auto guns, and does nothing to give it any kind of in game advantage. It could be somewhat decent at mid range, but would be outclassed by the better ARs anyways. This gun really provides no upside compared to the rest of the snipers, and if players are trying to build the best loadouts, this gun should not be a part of it.

Keep in mind, the Kar98k is still very good as a sniper rifle though it is classed as a Marksman Rifle.