Warzone Sniper Tier List February 2021

A Warzone Sniper tier list for February 2021.
A Warzone Sniper tier list for February 2021. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Sniper Rifles in Warzone require extensive skill and experience to master, but once players come to learn the nuances of this weapon type, it can lead them to victory. The range and damage provided by snipers can be extremely valuable, but even skilled players will struggle to capitalize on these benefits if they add a poor sniper rifle to their arsenal.

The following tier list provides Warzone players with information on different sniper rifles, including their pros and their cons. We also include the weapon class of “Marksman Rifles” as Snipers, since if used correctly, these guns have the potential to pick players off at a distance. By learning the benefits and drawbacks of each weapon, players can determine which of these weapons are worth picking up and which ones complement their playstyle.

Warzone Sniper Tier List February 2021

S Tier

  • HDR: a powerful rifle that offers high accuracy and damage at long ranges
  • SP-R 208: provides high damage output, high mobility, and large mag size that can headshot fully armored enemies
  • Kar98k: a versatile weapon with great mobility and high bullet velocity, that provides one-shot headshots

A Tier

  • AX-50: hits hard with its .50 cal BMG ammunition, but demands precise aim at long distances
  • Rytec AMR: similar to the HDR and AX-50, but has a slow ADS speed and high recoil
  • MK2 Carbine: hard to master, but can provide one-shot or two-shot kills with steady and moderate damage
  • SKS: offers great accuracy and range, but comes with detriments to mobility and control

C Tier

  • EBR-14: a semi-automatic rifle that is effective in medium-range gunfights, but runs out of ammo quickly
  • Crossbow: provides utility with bolt attachments, but is limited by its range and fire rate
  • Dragunov: a bolt-action rifle that is weaker than its counterparts and is mainly effective for medium-range battles