Warzone Sniper Tier List September 2021

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

As Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5's meta starts to take shape, the community has discovered what weapons are good, and those that aren't. Snipers in Warzone are particularly interesting, because of the skill they take to use. As there are so many in the game it is important to understand which of them are worth using.

Warzone Sniper Tier List September 2021

The following is a tier list of the sniper rifles/ marksmen rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone as of September 2021

1. S Tier- K31 Swiss, HDR, Kar98K

These rifles are the best of the best, plain and simple. The Kar98K has been at the top of this list since what was basically the launch of Warzone, and it isn't going anywhere in the near future either. Its speed and mobility keep it at the top. The K31 Swiss is a newer addition, and it has found itself right at the top. it specializes in closer range fire than the Kar98K but still has that aggressive feel to it. The HDR is a slower-firing, harder-hitting alternative that has also been featured near the top of sniper power rankings since the launch of Warzone. It excels at the longest of ranges and can put enemies down with one powerful shot when aimed correctly.

2. A Tier- LW3 Tundra, AX-50, SP-R 208

These guns are all very usable in almost every situation, getting the job done. The AX-50 is the picture of consistency and reliability, with decently fast fire and good power. The Tundra is in much the same boat, and it always feels very satisfying to use that bolt action rifle. The SP-R is a slightly worse Kar98K, and with the nerfs it has seen it is just not on the same level as that gun anymore.

3. B Tier- ZRG 20mm, M82, Pellington 703

These guns are all usable in the right situations, but are outdone by other weapons quite clearly when taken into Verdansk. They are all alright, such as the ZRG and the M82, but they are just consistently average guns. The Pellington is a peashooter compared to most other snipers, and simply cannot be trusted over other guns in its' class.

4. C Tier- EBR-14, SKS, MK2 Carbine, Rytec AMR, Dragunov

This is where the guns start to become unusable. None of these weapons should really see the light of day over what is above it in tier level. They can all technically put enemies on the ground, but any player would be much better off using the other weapons. All of these have a fatal flaw, either being too slow movement, lack of damage or firerate, or maybe a combination of the three.

5. D Tier- R1 Shadowhunter, Crossbow

Unless a player is doing a challenge or purposefully trying to make their enemies mad, there is no reason for them to use these two guns. They are unusable against even decent players due to the long reload time and slow projectile speed. These guns are simply a waste of a slot that even a players fists may be more deserving of. Bottom line, avoid these at all costs.