Warzone Spray Bug Allows Players to Shoot While Downed

Players can shoot while downed again.
Players can shoot while downed again. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Another bug that lets Call of Duty: Warzone players shoot while downed has made its way into the game. The latest discovery adds to the growing list of glitches that have slipped through the cracks in Warzone since its release in March of 2020.

Bugs and exploits seem to have become commonplace in Warzone, with new updates sometimes introducing them to the game. These glitches are usually harmless, but some have the potential to spoil the competitive gaming experience for certain players. As an example, a recently discovered kill-cam bug has been giving players Advanced UAV for free.

Warzone players have encountered bugs that allow them to shoot while downed in the past. Although it has been a while since this type of glitch has been uncovered, it seems that a variant of it has returned to the game.

Warzone Spray Bug Allows Players to Shoot While Downed

Redditor, "zer0dark30", uploaded a video that showcases the latest glitch that allows players to shoot while downed. In the clip, we see zer0dark30 get taken down by their opponents, but funnily enough, he was able to continue shooting afterward.

As was shown in the Reddit clip, the exploit requires players to use their spray split seconds before they are taken down. This may relieve players who fear that they will frequently encounter this bug since it is a difficult task to pull off. On the other hand, some in the Warzone community will surely be frustrated that another game-spoiling glitch has slipped through the cracks.