Warzone Stadium Tour in Season 5 Update

Check out the new Stadium in Verdansk
Check out the new Stadium in Verdansk / Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone has a new look in Season 5, here's a quick tour of the Stadium in Verdansk.

After fans repeatedly asked for changes to Verdansk in Warzone Season 5, their call has finally been answered. When Activision released the trailer for the new season, highlighting the updates and changes to Verdansk, one of the main attractions was the Stadium.

The season officially starts Wednesday, Aug. 5, but some were lucky enough to get early access to Verdansk reborn via the pre-download.

Naturally, players wanted to see inside the Stadium and figure out the landscape for future fights. Check it out.

Warzone Stadium Tour in Season 5 Verdansk

This looks really great, and it's very clear that Activision has done their best to make it camp-proof. As you can see in the video, there just aren't very many boxy corners for players to burrow into with no intention of leaving.

Multiple levels, all kinds of terrain, and points only accessible via drop, the Stadium is sure to be a major hit in Warzone Season 5.