Call of Duty

Warzone Stealth Change Buffs UAVs to Counter Ghost Users

Ghost users will be displeased with this unlisted change to UAVs.
Ghost users will be displeased with this unlisted change to UAVs. / Photo courtesy of Activision

An unlisted change in the latest Call of Duty: Warzone patch has buffed UAVs, making them capable of countering players who use the Ghost perk.

UAVs are perhaps the single most versatile killstreak in Warzone, allowing players to see the locations of all nearby players. This makes it easy to plan a strategy of engagement, and provides a significant advantage over any enemies left in the dark, without UAVs of their own.

The Ghost perk has been a popular form of counter play against the extremely popular UAV killstreak, as it allows players to remain undetected by UAVs. Warzone steward Raven Software has decided to tone down the strength of this counter play, according to testing done by Warzone YouTuber JGOD.

In the past calling in three UAVs would show the caller the direction in which nearby enemies were facing in addition to their locations, it would still fail to reveal Ghost users. That's no longer the case: Ghost players will now appear on the minimap as a red dot with three UAVs active, provided they're within the 250-300 meter range of the UAV.

Advanced UAVs will also now show all players and the directions they're facing, even if they have Ghost.

It's unclear why Raven Software decided to implement this change, especially without remarking upon it in the patch notes included with the update, but its specificity makes it unlikely to have been unintentional.