Call of Duty

Warzone Stim Shot Nerf Only Fuels Debate

Image courtesy of Actvision

Season 3 Reloaded of Call of Duty: Warzone brought many welcome balance changes to the game, one of them being the nerf to the Stim Shot item. The Stim shot had been a frustrating item for players to deal with, giving a mobility and health boost beyond its intended use, making it easily exploitable by some players. Despite the nerf the update brought to it, many players are still unhappy with the state of the game still.

This is not the only issue found by players in the new Warzone update, with multiple other bugs found, but it is certainly one that is still generating a lot of debate. One particular Reddit thread generated a lot of debate.

Reddit user Crimerapfan made a post blasting players who have abused the Stim Shot to exploit the additional movement and health in firefights for their lack of skill, calling it an unpopular opinion. Many commenters agreed with him, confused as to why it was an unpopular opinion, but an additional debate raged in the comments over the validity of the claim that the issue was solved.

One user who owned up to their use of the Stim Shot mentioned that they are a fan of both the Stim Shot and nerf, but that it did not change much about their playing experience.

Another countered that it was less a nerf and more a balance, removing the overpowered aspect of the Stim Shot yet keeping it relevant in the game.

Regardless, the developers clearly still have a lot on their plate, making immediate changes to an item that was already "balanced" unlikely.