Call of Duty

Warzone Stim Shots Under Fire After Viral TikTok Raises Their Profile

Courtesy of Activision

Many guns in Warzone are rightfully called overpowered, whether that's a result of a broken fire rate or insane damage. But it's rare that a support item can be the point of controversy, especially one that deals no damage. However, that's the fate that befell the Stim Shot this week, after a TikTok showcased how overpowered the item could be.

In a now-viral TikTok, Warzone player Aydan is shown getting killed despite putting a full magazine into an enemy as he hops around, soaking up bullets like a piece of battleship armor. The TikTok exploded online, with many voicing their grievances over the Stims, which they claim made it possible to sprint into battle soaking up bullets and coming out nearly unscathed.

Stims are an item introduced back in the Black Ops days, where they allowed a player to use the healing syringe more often. However, the modern iteration, which appeared in Modern Warfare Remastered, refreshed the tactical sprint, along with healing all damage received.

The item has received its share of buffs and nerfs. However, it received a major buff back in January, when it received a huge boost in slide speed. It allowed players to pull off an incredibly long slide by activating the Stim beforehand. At the time it was praised by many, and thought to be one of the coolest new mechanics in Warzone.

Now, however, many are drawing attention to its overpowered nature. Detractors claim it needs a nerf to the amount of damage it can heal, as it's become frustrating to play against. Currently, Activision hasn't made any mention of a nerf.