Warzone Streamer Goes Viral by Getting a Child Their First Win

Image courtesy of Activision

Ryan Stoker, a Warzone streamer and content creator recently went viral on Tiktok. The twitch streamer posted a clip from his recent stream, where he was playing Warzone with random players. Ryan came across a younger player, who admitted that he hadn't ever won a game before.

Stoker's accepted the challenge and told the young Call of Duty player: "don’t worry man, we’ll get you a win.” The child also admitted that "the people at school pick on me cause I just started the game and I’m bad” which undoubtedly fueled the streamer's motivation to help out his new teammate.

The duo didn't win their first game together, however, Ryan was still determined to get a win for his new friend. The creator vowed that he would not end his stream until he got his teammate a win.

Not only were they able to get a win, but it turns out that the young player is an avid fan of Ryan Stoker and was star-struck when he found out he was playing with his idol.

Shortly after the stream was finished, Stoker uploaded a clip of the encounter to Tiktok, where it has now garnered over 7 million views and almost a million likes. The clip also gained praise from the people who watched it, with many commending Stoker for "making this kid feel so special" and "boost[ing] that kid's confidence."