Warzone Streamer Wins With a Guitar Hero Controller and Goes Viral

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone is already hard enough as it is, but one streamer decided to up the ante in an extremely unique way. The streamer in question is DeanoBeano, a Twitch streamer that has accumulated over seven thousand followers on the platform, and recently went viral.

With his unconventional methods, it's easy to see why DeanoBeano was able to gather such a large following. His specialty is using different devices as controllers and attempting to win games of Warzone.

So, what did DeanoBeano exactly do to go viral? His first big break was last year in 2021, when he uploaded a stream of him playing Warzone with an electric drum set. During his June 10 stream, he topped that by dropping into Rebirth Island wielding a guitar from the game Guitar Hero.

What ensued was utter madness, as he amassed six kills and was able to win in an intense 1v1 situation to win the game. A clip of that wild moment was uploaded to Twitter, and currently has over an absurd 392k views.

With his wildly entertaining streams, and a unique way of playing popular games, it will be exciting to see how DeanoBeano will top his guitar wielding performance.