Warzone TikToker Shows Off Disgusting Blixen Loadout

It's no question that a good SMG can get you a long way in Warzone. Since the beginning, SMGs have been one of the most common guns used by all players.

SMG always have a place in the meta, whether it be the MP5, Marco, MP4 or the Blixen. The Blixen was one of the top SMGs until it received a nerf.

But despite the nerf, it seems that with the right attachments, the Blixen can still compete as a top SMG.

In a clip from Warzone TikToker, @ttvzyro was able to take down an entire squad with just one mag of his Blixen. Although not everyone can have aim like that, this Blixen loadout can help you take down enemies almost as fast.

H4 Blixen
H4 Blixen / Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Muzzle: Recoil Booster
Barrell: Karlsson 17" Custom
Optic: Slate Reflector
Stock: Removed Stock
Underbarrel: Taped Grip
Magazine: 72-Round Magazine
Ammunition: Lengthened
Rear Grip: SG98 Compact
Perk 1: Fleet
Perk 2: Quick

Zyro's Blixen loadout stresses the importance of close range. In the clip of him wiping one team with one mag, the first three eliminations were all from the hip. Not until an enemy jumped out of a building did he aim down sights.

Again, not everyone can have accuracy like Zyro, but with this Blixen loadout, you'll be able to take down enemies before they even know where you are.