Warzone Trick or Treat Crate Locations

Warzone Trick or Treat Crate Locations
Warzone Trick or Treat Crate Locations / Photo courtesy of Infinity Ward

The Call of Duty: Warzone trick or treat crate locations are part of the latest event released in the game. The event, Haunting of Verdansk, is a spooky Halloween theme taking over the game, which means limited time loot and rewards are being offered.

To unlock the limited time rewards, players can now search out special trick or treat loot crates in specific locations throughout the map. But beware, you're never guaranteed a treat, there may be a spooky trick hiding in the crate.

Warzone Trick or Treat Crate Locations

There are 15 different general locations to find the trick or treat crates allowing for plenty of chances to unlock the rewards.

  • Atlas Superstore
  • Gora Dam
  • Novi Grazna Hills
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • Arklov Peak Military Base
  • Verdansk Train Station
  • Verdansk International Airport
  • BCH TV Station
  • Downtown Tavorks District
  • Karst River Quarry
  • Verdansk Stadium
  • Port of Verdansk
  • Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • Zordaya Prison Complex

Of course the specific location is randomized within the general location, but these locations will help narrow down the hunt for the trick or treat crate locations.

Once found, the trick or treat crates will either unlock one of 16 limited event rewards ranging from calling cards to weapon blueprints or you'll find a trick crate that will release a scary event! Once you collect all 16 rewards you'll automatically unlock the Pumpkin Punisher weapon skin blueprint for the Grau 5.56.