Warzone Trio Wins Off a Lucky Self-Revive and a Jeep Near Miss

Warzone's self-revive gives second chance a new meaning
Warzone's self-revive gives second chance a new meaning / Courtesy of Activision

A Call of Duty Warzone trio managed to pull off a victory with a lucky self-revive and a Jeep just barely missing them. The self-revive is, in my opinion, one of the best items in the game for its sheer effectiveness. $4,500 for a second chance at the game, barring the enemies don't finish you off in time? That's a steal.

Unfortunately, the self-revive has become a threat any time you down someone, so most good players aren't giving any moment to self-revive after downing you. Luckily, for Vextan, in the last fight of the game, his opponents got a little over-confident.

Warzone Lucky Self-Revive

In the video posted to Reddit here, the player was downed and their squad was in a rough position against the final enemy team with just one other squad mate alive who had no shields or explosives according to the Reddit posts' comments section.

Luckily, the enemies in the Jeep went to finish him off just barely missing giving time for Vextan to finish his self-revive, stand up, lob a C4, detonate it, and kill everybody in the Jeep returning for a second try.

All it took was a quick clip to finish off all those enemies and claim the victory for their squad. Ladies and Gents, let this be a lesson to drive straight.