Warzone Trios Return While Replacing Quads

Trios makes a return in Warzone.
Trios makes a return in Warzone. / Photo by Infinity Ward

Warzone Trios Return triumphantly in Season 3 of the Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

Infinity Ward removed trios for a time, brought it back, and removed it once again. The mode has not been playable since April 14. The normal trios playlist was replaced with Scopes and Scatter Guns, a trios variant where you could only use sniper rifles and shotguns.

Warzone Trios Return

Player disappointment was immeasurable, prompting Infinity Ward to quickly reinstate the beloved playlist.

It's unknown why trios was removed in the first place. Perhaps Infinity Ward wanted to push Scopes and Scatter Guns, but replacing what should be a mainstay mode with it left a bad taste in a lot of player's mouths.

Season 3 brought quads, but strangely does not offer a duos mode outside of Plunder. A recent leak from the Call of Duty website features Warzone duos, which would finally allow the game to accommodate parties of all sizes without having to fill.