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Warzone TTK Statistics Show Scary Unused AR

With the latest Season 3 patch launching on April 27, the community is slowly trying to piece together the new meta. Players are comparing recent buffs and nerfs, and using data from previous seasons as comparisons. The two biggest nerfs were the Cold War XM4 and the entire sniper rifle category.

And as no surprise when one group of weapons is nerfed, another shall take its place.

Posted by Redditor Currentsleet11, the statistics come from TrueGameData. The king of TTK for ARs is the Oden. There is a dropoff at longer ranges, but it's not even close when at close range. And holy crap, the poor Kilo 141 has some significant drop-off.

The turn off is the slow rate of fire and recoil. Both of those take practice or attachments to help out the average player. Not surprisingly, the pick rate for the weapon is abysmal, so try it out before it skyrockets in popularity.