Warzone Update 1.21: Full List of Changes Including Armor Boxes and Gulag Weapons

Call of Duty Warzone Update 1.21 is out now
Call of Duty Warzone Update 1.21 is out now / Courtesy of Activision/Infinity Ward

Warzone Update 1.21 patch notes were rolled out Tuesday showcasing what's coming to the popular Call of Duty battle royale.

The newest Warzone update in Call of Duty has brought plenty of playlist, loot, and Gulag changes that are listed below. Also, the secret bunkers are now able to be opened by the red access key cards players can get via loot boxes. Read more about that here.

Warzone Update 1.21: Full List of Changes

Compiled from the official patch notes, these are the Warzone specific changes

The playlist is now:

  1. BR Solos
  2. BR Trios
  3. BR Quads
  4. Blood Money Quads


  1. Armor Boxes can now be looted or bought at buy stations. They resupply the entire team's armor.
  2. Added Most Wanted Contracts back
  3. Added the new SKS (legendary option only)
  4. Updated Five new blueprints: AX-50 (Epic), Kilo 141 (Legendary), FAL (Epic), MP7 (Legendary), AUG (Epic)


Gulag participants will now be randomly given a weapon from a pool of 6 ARs and 4 SMGs. All automatic, no more burst or single fire weapons. The list of weapons are as follows:

  1. Kilo 141
  2. M4
  3. AK-47
  4. M13
  5. SCAR
  6. Ram-7
  7. MP5
  8. AUG
  9. P90
  10. Striker 45

For specific changes to weapons:


  • Reduced the max ammo reserve
  • MK3 Burst Mod has increased hip spread
  • MK3 Burst Mod has decreased damage
  • Reduced damage when akimbo and MK3 burst mod are equipped


  • Decrease to ADS time


  • Lowered ammo count for reload warning on belt fed weapons

VLK Rogue:

  • Increased rate of fire
  • Increased close damage range for 12 gauge
  • Increased damage range to 6" Revolt barrel

Holger 26:

  • Increased move speed
  • Improved ADS time
  • Slight recoil reduction
  • FTAC 8.98" Spitfire Barrel has improved ADS time, faster movement, and reduced hip spread
  • XRK Ultralight Barrel has improved ADS time
  • 30 Round Magazine has reduced sprint out time, improved ADS time, faster movement, and improved hip spread profile
  • No Stock has increased sprint out time, faster movement, reduced hip spread, and improved ADS time
  • Stippled Grip has improved ADS time

As well as general bug fixes to the Warzone game, the developers have also reduced penalty for holding breath too long with sniper scopes. Of all these changes, I'm most excited to see what the Gulag looks like now. It's going to be a bloodbath.