Call of Duty

Warzone Update Includes Nerfs to AUG and FFAR

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Call of Duty received a much-needed patch on April 6 that brought some major changes to the game. Some of the biggest changes in the patch would be the nerfing of the AUG tactical rifle and the FFAR assault rifle. These two guns were definitely overpowered and needed to be nerfed.

Raven Software announced the patch on April 6 and fans were ecstatic. They stated the AUG has been nerfed because it was too easy to keep on target while shooting. The recoil strength has been increased which should make it harder for users to easily kill opponents.

As far as the FFAR nerf goes, the gun’s aim-down-sight speed has been decreased which means that it will no longer be a good option for close fights. Raven stated that they wanted to keep this weapon in like with other ARs, as it could outclass some SMGs pre-nerf.

Nerfing these two guns was a great move by Raven, but that’s not all that they did.

Attachments also received some attention in this new update. Raven Software released the official attachment patch notes, and they are below.

  • Rear Grip attachments that showed ADS speed pros should now properly increase ADS speed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Groza where the 16.5” CMV Mil-Spec barrel would bypass damage falloff.
  • Fixed a bug with the Ember Sighting Point where the XM4 and AK-47 had their ADS speed increased rather than decreased.
  • Fixed a bug with the Salvo Fast Mag where the FFAR 1 and M16 were not having their ADS speed decreased.
  • The Pelington 703 Wrapped Suppressor effects should now be properly represented in the stat bar.

Overall, this was a great update. Gamers will be able to update their game as soon as they log onto the game, and the update should only take a few minutes. Hopefully Raven Software addressed all of your nerf wants in this recent patch!