Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Guns for Warzone

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward
Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward /

Warzone Weapon Tier List has the best guns for Warzone sorted by weapon type.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Guns for Warzone


  1. M4A1: This is the best AR available due to its area of effect. It delivers high damage at short to mid range and is great for all types of interactions.
  2. M13: With a fast fire, the M13 is a perfect primary weapon for all player types. Equip an underbarrel and grip tape to give this gun decreased recoil.


  1. MP5: Best suited for close range ingagements, this SMG has great range, minimal recoil and a fast fire rate perfect for close quartered gunfights.
  2. MP7: This gun has a high fire rate. This limits its range and should be used as a secondary for close range interactions.


  1. Kar98k: This rifle has high damage and is great with long range picks. When used correctly, it is highly accurate and should be used in an open area.
  2. AX50: This requires more precision but is a great sniper when you want those easy picks. Equip 17.0 Factory Barrel, Variable Zoom Scope and Singuard Arms Assassin for increased movement.


  1. PKM: The PKM is the easiest LMG to control. It has a medium fire rate with manageable recoil.
  2. M91: Best for longer rangers, this LMG has a high ammo count and stopping rounds that allow you to down an enemy quickly. It has a slow aim down sight speed so only equip this if you are bunkered down in an open area.


  1. R90: This shotgun fires two shots in rapid succession and should be used for those pesky close quarter kills.
  2. 725: One of the most OP shotguns in MW, the 725 should be equipped with a Forge Tac Steady Grip and a Ranger Foregrip for maximum control.