Warzone Weapon Tier List June 2021

Our Warzone Weapon Tier List for June 2021 offers new faces, old friends, and everything in between.
Our Warzone Weapon Tier List for June 2021 offers new faces, old friends, and everything in between. / Photo by Activision

The Warzone Weapon Tier List for June 2021 looks a little different, especially considering the recent AMAX nerf, adding a little chaos to the game's arsenal, and changing up players' loadouts across the game. With the huge number of guns that players can use in Warzone, our tier list will only feature the best in each tier, so if your favorite gun is missing, don't worry. Here's our Warzone Weapon Tier List for June 2021.

Warzone Weapon Tier List for June 2021

S Tier - LW3 Tundra, FARA 83, FFAR 1, MAC-10, AUG (Cold War)

The best of the best. Very few players would dispute these five guns as being meta-defining, and if players don't use at least one of these in their loadouts regularly, that would be surprising. Raven Software tinkered with sniper rifles and assault rifles in recent updates, and changes made to their bullet velocity and damage have made them even more deadly.

A Tier - MP5 (Cold War), AMAX, Grau 5.56, Krig 6, PPSh-41

While not as powerful as S Tier, A Tier serves as excellent options for all players to dive into. Even though the AMAX is not the powerhouse it once was, it's still a great assault rifle option, just like the Grau. For those who desire more SMG representation, the PPSh-41 should be the go-to option.

B Tier - Fennec, Streetsweeper, Groza, AK-47

B Tier is solid and steady, but these weapons aren't going to blow anyone away. The Streetsweeper remains an excellent shotgun option, and the AK-47 is a classic assault rifle choice, receiving a major buff to its bullet velocity.

C Tier - XM4, ZRG 20mm, AX-50, M16

C Tier is about average in terms of these weapons and their ability to take out opponents. If you have the choice, you'll most likely choose higher-tier options, but the XM4 is a good all-rounder, and even with the nerf, the ZRG can shred opponents if used correctly.

D Tier - SCAR, Magnum, Bullfrog

D Tier and below is probably just for kicks. These weapons won't bring you any glory, but if you desire to change things up once in a while, the Magnum can be fun to play around with, and the Bullfrog is easy to use compared to more difficult SMGs.