Warzone Weapon Tier List: March 2021

Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty on Twitter

An Operative is nothing in Verdansk without a solid weapon, so we bring to you our best Call of Duty: Warzone Weapon Tier List as of March 2021.

With Season 2 debuting on Feb. 18, and many new loadouts created since the new guns were added, this list may alter compared to our February list. We'll start things off with the three best from each class, beginning with the assault rifles.

Best Assault Rifles

  • FFAR
  • FARA 83
  • Kilo 141

The Kilo continues to be old reliable for players in Warzone, so its place on this list is almost always a guarantee. Recently, however, the new FARA 83 was introduced to players, and with the right attachments, it has become a favorite AR. NICKMERCS uploaded a video highlighting the FARA, and it's up to over 600,000 views, showing it's already getting noticed and heightening in popularity. However, you've still got the FFAR as an option and considering it's so similar to the FARA 83, it is equally a great option at AR.

Best Sub-Machine Guns

  • Mac-10
  • AUG
  • LC10

The Mac-10 is still the best sub to run in the game, hands down. With it's speed and kill time ability, no sub-machine gun is superior to it as of yet. The AUG, however, has gotten attention with a new setup. Timthetatman has praised the AUG with this new loadout, saying that it's one of the best subs in the game outside of the Mac-10.

In addition, the LC10, recently added to Warzone in the Season 2 update, It runs similar to the Fennec, and can put enemies down from mid-range with ease. It will lost to the Mac-10 however up close.

Best Shotguns

Courtesy of Call of Duty: Respawn
  • JAK-12
  • Origin 12
  • Streetsweeper

The Origin 12 is great, especially if you've got the Dragon's Breath equipped on it, however, since it was nerfed it falls to third place. The most overpowered shotguns in Warzone today are the Jak-12 and Streetsweeper. Both have great power up close, and can put enemies down quickly, even at a bit of a distance. The Jak-12 is better due to its magazine size, but outside of rounds, the Streetsweeper is a top-tier shotgun.

Best Snipers

  • Tundra
  • Kar.98
  • HDR

The Kar.98 is praised as the best sniper in Warzone and has been praised as such for months. NICKMERCS considers it to be the best, while Timthetatman and other creators are now leaning towards a new Tundra build. Both put enemies down one shot, so it's up to preference. The HDR takes third place behind the Kar and Tundra as a viable option, but not nearly as effective or satisfying as the Kar.98 or Tundra.

Best Pistols

  • Diamattis
  • M19

If you happen to be a fan of using dual pistols as a secondary over a shotgun or sub-machine gun, there are really only two great options for you, the Diamattis and M19s. The Akimbo Diamattis have been pretty overpowered for their hip fire rate and power, and the M19s are also great. As for any other pistol, none come close to these two neither single nor dual wield.