Warzone Wednesday Bracket May 6

Warzone Wednesdays will finally have its first taste of shroud in Week 7.
Warzone Wednesdays will finally have its first taste of shroud in Week 7. / Credit: @KEEMSTAR

Warzone Wednesday Bracket May 6 is loaded with high-profile duos.

Started a little more than a month ago, Warzone Wednesdays are a weekly Call of Duty Battle Royale tournament hosted by YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem. Thirty-two prominent individuals within the gaming industry will be put to the test against one another through teams of duos, seeing who can rack up the most kills.

The weekly tournament is often filled with some of the biggest names in gaming, and this week is no different.

Warzone Wednesday Bracket May 6

Week 7's duos are as follows:

  • Aydan & TeePee
  • bobbypoff & Tommey
  • Shroud & Crimsix
  • NoahJ456 & Merk
  • Vikkstar123 & ItzWarsZ
  • NICKMERCS & Swagg
  • TGLTN & Fuzwuz
  • Crowder & CouRageJD
  • Trainwreck & Felo
  • Ninja & DrDisRespect
  • KYR SP33DY & SideArms
  • GreekGod & LyndonFPS
  • Symfuhny & DougisRaw
  • Nadeshot & Cloakzy
  • Tourva & Censor
  • Castro1021 & NepentheZ

How does Warzone Wednesday work?

Two groups of duos load into a Warzone match as a full squad of four and attempt to obtain more kills than their counterparts. By the end of the game, the duo with more kills moves onto the next round, and the other team is sent down to the loser's bracket.

When does Warzone Wednesday start?

Warzone Wednesdays start at approximately 4 p.m. ET each week.

How to Watch Warzone Wednesday

Warzone Wednesdays are casted on Keemstar's Twitch channel. Additionally, many of these notable individuals will be streaming on their own personal channels. Whether you want in on the hardcore action from a player's perspective or prefer commentary, Warzone Wednesdays has you covered.

Furthermore, this is the first week that Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek will be partaking in Keemstar's weekly $20,000 tournament.