Warzone Wednesday June 3 Bracket: Event Cancelled

Warzone Wednesday was cancelled for the third week in a row.
Warzone Wednesday was cancelled for the third week in a row. / Courtesy of KeemWednesdays

Warzone Wednesday June 3 bracket wasn't released as the community tournament was cancelled once again.

Warzone Wednesday is Keemstar's community-based tournament that throws some of the best Warzone players against each other in a competitive environment. The past two weeks of Warzone Wednesdays have unfortunately been cancelled, and this week is the same. Vikkstar and WarZ won three straight tournaments before this hiatus occurred.

Warzone Wednesday June 3 Bracket

Keemstar posted on Twitter, two days before the tournament was supposed to take place, announcing that it will not be happening for a third week in a row. The public response to this decision seems very mixed.

It is unclear who exactly made this decision, but it appears connected to Activision's decision to delay the launches of Modern Warfare Season 4 and Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 given the current protests occurring across the world

It's unknown if Warzone Wednesday will return the following week, or any week moving forward after three weeks of cancellation.