Warzone Wednesday Results - Week 7

Warzone Wednesday saw its seventh week go down as one of the most epic, competitively brutal brackets ever to date.
Warzone Wednesday saw its seventh week go down as one of the most epic, competitively brutal brackets ever to date. / Photo by Chaz Frazer/DBLTAP

Warzone Wednesday results are in; and it’s another week, another Team Vikkstar win. The tournament, hosted by YouTube sensation KEEMSTAR - complete with professional commentators and media production - continues to draw the best of the best of the FPS genre. 

Now going into its eighth week, the competition sees the marriage of content creators, pros, and personalities clash through “kill-race” style competition in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest offering - Warzone. 

Week 7 was no different than the spectacular play shown in the previous weeks. The 2-vs-2 competition saw all teams in the top 10 with amazing play, and the top 5 teams all posted well over 100 kills each with $20,000 USD on the line in the winner take all affair.

Warzone Wednesday Bracket Recap

This week’s competition saw names such as Ninja team up with Dr. Disrespect, although that team - boasting probably the highest numbers in overall individual viewership - dropped to the loser’s bracket early and were eliminated with a 6th place finish. 

The Grand Finals was set as Team Vikkstar (Vikkstar123, ItzWarsz) squared off against TeePee & Aydan. While TeePee & Aydan were able to reset the bracket and drop Vikkstar & ItzWarsz to the losers sides - not to mention the incredible display of solo kills from Aydan at 161 throughout the entire event - team Vikkstar was able to clutch out their second victory in a row and take home a clean $20,000 USD by means of superb teamwork. 

Warzone Wednesday Top 10 Placements

1. Vikkstar123, ItzWarsz

233 kills

2. TeePee, Aydan

210 kills

3. HusKerrs, Speros

191 kills

4. NoahJ456, Merk

180 kills

5. Nadeshot Cloakzy

129 kills

6. Ninja, Dr Disrespect

86 kills

7. Greekgodx, LyndonFPS

54 kills

8. Tourva, Censor

51 kills

9. Crowder, CourageJD

50 kills

10. Symfuhny, DougisRaw

39 kills

The tournament also saw teams with incredible resumes fall short outside of the top 10, showcasing just how stacked this bracket was. Other notable teams included:

  • Crimsix & Shroud

  • Tommey & bobbypoff

  • Castro1021 & NepentheZ

  • KYR SP33DY & SideArms

  • Trainwreck & FeLo

  • NICKMERCS & Swagg

Warzone Wednesday Format

Warzone Wednesday features a “kill-race” format, where two teams face off against each other - together in a quad party. While partied up, the two opposing teams can view each other on the map, and are technically a four-man squad in game, but in actuality are racing against each other to notch as many kills as possible in a match while opponents in-bracket. 

After two matches, the two-man team with the most eliminations (kills on downed players) will win and advance to the next round of the bracket. The beginning of the tournament is structured in a group stage, single-elimination round, and the top eight teams from the group advance to a double-elimination, winner-takes-all bracket.

Stay tuned to catch all of the action next Wednesday, May 13. Information including start times  and brackets can be found on KEEMSTAR’S website.