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Was the FFAR Buffed in Warzone?

Was the FFAR Buffed in Warzone?
Was the FFAR Buffed in Warzone? | Photo courtesy of Activision

Was the FFAR buffed in Warzone? During the 13 months since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, various attachments for various weapons have been buffed or nerfed behind the scenes. With no disclosure to the community, it appears the FFAR is the latest weapon to receive hidden adjustments.

The FFAR has been a popular weapon of choice for many players since the Black Ops Cold War integration. Its praise comes from its ability to tear through enemy armor with an incredible fire rate. Though the recoil pattern provides a challenge, a couple of barrel attachments may have received an update to increase the bullet velocity.

FaZe Clan content creator Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff first made the claim that the FFAR received secret buffs on his YouTube video uploaded Feb 12. NICKMERCS claims the update affected the Ranger Barrel and the Task Force Barrel - increasing the bullet velocity for both.

Was the FFAR Buffed in Warzone?

"In a recent update, Activision, Raven, whoever, they went in there and they secretly made some adjustments - again," said NICKMERCS. "Now I personally use the Ranger Barrell on the FFAR," he continued. "Raven went in and they made it twice the bullet velocity...both these barrels got a huge buff."

Bullet velocity is arguably one of the most important attachments players should concern themselves with. This trait refers to how fast a bullet travels after being fired. The higher the velocity, the faster the bullet gets to the target.

A few weapons like the FFAR or Mac-10 are powerful and popular because of their bullet velocity. They make for in bullet velocity where they lack in damage output per bullet. Use these attachments on and see if there's a difference in your FFAR.