Washington Football Team Theme Team Madden 21: Full Breakdown

Our Madden 21 theme team series continues with the Washington Football Team.
Our Madden 21 theme team series continues with the Washington Football Team. / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Our Madden 21 theme team series continues with the Washington Football Team.

Following the Super Wildcard weekend where the WFT fell to the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it is only fitting that we do a Madden 21 theme review of the WFT. This team was created by MightyWings on MutHead and is a fairly balanced squad. They won't crush opponents in any one aspect of the game, but they do possess the weapons to make plays when needed.

Washington Football Team Theme Team Madden 21

The WFT theme team is a 90 OVR squad with a 90 offense and 90 defense. A lot of the cards on this team are players who came to Washington later in their careers in addition to some regulars that always make their way onto various theme teams. We will start our breakdown with the offense.


This offense does have 12 players with a 90 OVR or better, but contains some major holes on the offensive line. The group is led by 94 OVR Donovan McNabb at QB with a 90 OVR Rich Gannon as his backup. In the backfield alongside the quarterback are 94OVR Adrian Peterson, 93 Barry Sanders, and 91 Shaun Alexander. So off the rip, short passes to the running backs and power run plays would be a good choice with this unit.

The wide receivers are led by 93 OVR Terry McLaurin who is one of the fastest receivers in all of Madden 21. He can burn nearly all DBs in the game. Joining him on the outside are 93 OVR Andre Johnson and 90 OVR Keenan McCardell. A solid corps, but not nearly as dominant as some of the other theme teams we have looked at.

The tight end position is a point of strength with 94 OVR Chris Cooley and 93 Vernon Davis. The offensive line has 93 OVR Brandon Scherff and 92 Chris Samuels, but there is also a 69 OVR Wes Schweitzer starting which is a definite liability.

Getting the ball out quick to the tight end, quick slants to speedy wideouts, and pounding the run game are the best options when using the WFT theme team. The longer drop backs in the pocket could spell trouble with this offensive line.


At first glance, the defensive side of the ball for the WFT theme team is pretty strong. They equal their offensive counterparts with 12 players having a 90 OVR or better. Without a doubt, their cornerbacks are the best of any theme team we have looked at so far.

The maximum number of listed CBs is five, and the WFT theme team has all five at 92 OVR or better. They are led by 94 OVR Champ Bailey and 93 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. After that is 92 Deion Sanders, 92 Tracy Porter, and 92 Carlos Rogers. Throwing deep on this unit is ill-advised as they will make you pay all game long.

Their linebacking group is led by 96 OVR Sam Mills, who has been added to nearly every theme team in Madden 21. Outside of Mills, they have an 86 Preston Smith and 84 Cole Holcomb which is not great compared to other teams out there.

The defensive line has 93 Deacon Jones and 93 Albert Haynesworth along with an 82 Ryan Kerrigan. There is hope for the future here for WFT Madden fans with Chase Young. Young went on a tear this NFL season as a rookie and there should be plenty of MUT cards for him that can help this squad out.

While this theme team does not standout like some of the others we have looked at, there are some weapons in this group and it is still a viable option in Madden 21.