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Washington Justice Owners Apparently in Talks to Acquire Chicago Call of Duty League Slot

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Washington Esports Ventures, the ownership group of the Overwatch League team Washington Justice, is in negotiations with NRG Esports to take over OpTic Chicago's Call of Duty League slot according to a report by Dotesports.

If the negotiations are successful then Washington Esports Ventures would propose to relocate the CoD League slot to Washington, D.C. where the company is based.

Another party is also involved in serious talks with NRG Esports, but it's believed there's optimism between CoD League officials, NRG Esports, and Washington Esports Ventures that a deal will be struck.

If Washington Esports Ventures succeeds in acquiring the Chicago League slot from NRG Esports then it would ditch the OpTic name and brand. The Washington-based group would invent an entirely new brand for the Washington franchise between the end of 2021 season and the start of the 2022 season.

Washington Venture Esports Call of Duty League Washington Justice Overwatch League
Washington Venture Esports owns the Washington Justice Overwatch League franchise and is looking to expand to the Call of Duty League / Photo courtesy of Washington Esports Ventures

Both NRG Esports and the Call of Duty League have yet to comment on the rumors of negotiations. Washington Venture esports founder Mark Ein has also not commented on these rumors.

The rumors of NRG Esports bowing out of the Call of Duty League have been swirling since the conflict between Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez and the NRG front office emerged this past year. NRG and H3CZ have been trying to work out a solution and tested multiple routes including letting H3CZ trying to operate OpTic Chicago alone. The task proved too much for H3CZ to handle and soon NRG Esports had to step back in to run the franchise.

While only time will tell if these rumors become reality, signs are pointing toward 2021 being the final year of Optic Chicago and 2022 being the birth of a Washington, D.C. Call of Duty League franchise.