Watch Dogs Legion John Wick: Is There an Official Connection?

Watch Dogs Legion may have a bit of a connection with John Wick
Watch Dogs Legion may have a bit of a connection with John Wick / Ubisoft

Watch Dogs Legion may have a certain John Wick connection.

The latest gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs Legion has been released alongside its official release date, Oct. 29, and fans have noticed a similarity. Some are drawing attention to a specific scene during the trailer that may have been inspired by neo-noir action-thriller film John Wick. While these allegations are unconfirmed and mostly speculation, many fans are considering this theory could hold weight.

Watch Dogs Legion John Wick

According to fans, the similarities begin with the player character being hired and referred to as a hitman. The fighting footage then quickly moves on to replicate the affectionately nicknamed "Gun-Fu" that Wick uses in his own combat style—using short-range guns in close combat to take down his opponents. Some have even said that the music and directing of the scene resembles the feel of the film.

Could this iconic-seeming character truly be a callback to Keanu Reeves' John Wick?

There has been no statement from Ubisoft confirming nor denying the proposed parallels.