Watch This Incredible Wrecking Ball Quadruple Kill

Photo courtesy of Activision/Blizzard

Four Overwatch kills off of a split-second decision doesn't happen often, yet Reddit user u/Ramonstr managed just that in this clip submitted Thursday. Ramonstr managed to achieve a four-man boop off the map, but even crazier is that they did so on Wrecking Ball.

What looked like an ordinary grapple claw play at the bridge of Lijiang Tower: Garden quickly turned into a fight-winning play of the game, but how exactly did that boop come to be? Let's take a look.

Ramonstr first comes out of hiding near point and takes a wide angle to see the enemy advancing on the bridge. It's important to note how this positioning came to be. The Blue Team appears to be coming out of spawn and looking to aggress toward the point. As a result, with the exception of Wrecking Ball, its members look to take the bridge and thus gain access to point. The Red Team is looking to stand its ground and deny Blue's advances, but fail to account for Blue Team's missing member.

Ramonstr's Wrecking Ball is lurking behind enemy lines and sees a couple players near the edge of the bridge. Noticing this opportunity, they then grapple to wall next to the bridge, thus enabling Hammond to gain speed and enter "fireball." This is important as Wrecking Ball can only knock back enemies when in his "fireball" state.

As Wrecking Ball moves in the Red Team pushes forward and leaves Sombra as the lone player in the back, and exposed to being knocked off the map. As one kill often makes the difference in team fights, user Ramonstr decides to capitalize on their opportunity and get the kill. As Ramonstr swings the corner, the Red team, clumped together, falls back ever so slightly into Wrecking Ball's trajectory. This peel from Red turns a potential single kill into a potential quintuple kill.

Ramonstr seizes the opportunity and ends up knocking four of the players off the map, thus securing an easy teamfight win. Unfortunately, the match wouldn't end on that high-note, as their team failed to hold the point and ended up losing, as Ramonstr noted in their Reddit post.

Nevertheless, they pulled of an incredible four-man boop on Wrecking Ball and secured a glorius play of the game.