Watchful Eye Warzone Blueprint: How to Get

Check out the Watchful Eye Crossbow Blueprint
Check out the Watchful Eye Crossbow Blueprint / Photo courtesy of Activision

Watchful Eye Warzone Blueprint for the crossbow gives fans a tricked out version of a unique weapon.

If you're a fan of crossbows and camouflage, then Call of Duty: Warzone has something for you. The Watchful Eye Warzone Blueprint is available now as part of the Asanbosam store bundle. The Blueprint has standard woodlands camo along with a skull giving it a deathly design. The legendary blueprint comes with five attachments including:

  • 28 Strand Cable
  • XRK Thunder 200Lb - Arms
  • XRK MidTrak 4.0x Scope - Optic
  • FORGE TAC Apex - Stock
  • Sleight of Hand - Perk

Watchful Eye Warzone Blueprint: How to Get

As of writing, the only way to unlock the Watchful Eye blueprint is by purchasing the Asanbosam store bundle for 2,400 COD points. Players will get their moneys worth, as this bundle is rather large and contains multiple legendary items. The items in the bundle are:

  • Nightfang - Grinch Skin
  • Watchful Eye Blueprint - Crossbow
  • Black Fang Blueprint - .357 Handgun
  • Folktale - Charm
  • Grassclipper - Combat Knife
  • Low Rise - Finishing Move
  • Join the Others - Operator Quip
  • Wrong Angel - Calling Card
  • Devil Horns - Emblem
  • 2 Tier Skips - Battle Pass

It might not be the most attractive bundle for Warzone players looking for a Grau 5.56 or AX-50 skin, but the value in the bundle can't be understated.