Wattson Fence Causes Bizarre Visual Glitch

Wattson's fences are causing problems again.
Wattson's fences are causing problems again. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Wattson's ability to create electrical fences to control space in Apex Legends has caused an inordinate number of bugs in the game, and players have recently discovered yet another.

Apex Legends player and Twitter user @lilakeyLK pointed out the bug with a short video. The video demonstrates that every time a node is connected in the fence, a beam of light shoots into the sky.

"it seems insignificant, but this beam can stretch across entire POI's and maybe even further," lilakeyLK wrote in follow-up tweets. "it happens every time a fence is connected. you're basically just firing off flares into the sky every time you use your tactical."

Respawn Entertainment developer support "pav" responded to lilakeyLK's video, thanking them for finding the bug and saying they would look into it.

It's likely this bug fix will be swept into the next update to the game, but likely isn't disruptive enough to warrant an emergency hotfix. Pav didn't provide a timeframe for a fix.