Apex Legends

Wattson Receives Possible Stealth Buff to Her Ultimate Ability

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Wattson's Ultimate Ability has seemingly just received an unintended buff. In a video released by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation, they detail how Wattson's Ultimate Ability can now be placed on Tridents. This lets players drive the ability across the map to quickly protect and buff teammates.

Since the change was not detailed in the most recent patch notes, it's unclear whether or not this was an intended change. The Trident gives previously unseen mobility to the Interception Pylon that could drastically impact the game in the right situation.

This isn't the only recent secret buff, however. Respawn also silently increased the odds of finding the Kraber during Round 1 from a measly 4.35% to 25%. This silent change feels more intentional, though, since it serves to explicitly change the gameplay in a controlled way.

Meanwhile, a change like allowing the Interception Pylon to strap on to a Trident can lead to much more unintended consequences that will take time to fully understand. Depending on how useful this tactic is, it could lead to bizarre effects on pro play that leads to it immediately getting nerfed.

Players should enjoy this bizarre feature while they still can since it's likely to get nerfed back at any time. While it may not be intentional, it's surely a buff that should give you and your friends a good laugh between more serious Apex Legends games.