Wattson Will Receive Buff in Season 7

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

One of the Legends that has been struggling in popularity since being released into the game is Wattson. Since her release into the game in Season 2, she has struggled against the games more popular characters.

Watson, the Static Defender, has a tactical ability called Perimeter security, where she connects electric nodes to create fences that cause damage when running through. It also creates chokepoints in which other players are forced to go around. Her ultimate ability is an electrified pylon that destroys incoming aerial attacks and repairs damaged shields for 90 seconds.

Overall she is seen as a more defensive type Legend, with only specific scenarios in which her abilities put her at an advantage. Other players typically have no issues going around or destroying the nodes she places. Gaps like these put Wattson at a greater disadvantage in your average player's scenario.

While Wattson is more difficult to play within your average player's scenario, she is well touted as a strong pick at higher levels of play. In order to make the nodes effective, it takes some good forward thinking that might always be there for the average player.

Reddit user and Respawn Entertainment designer u/DanielZKlein even made the following comment in regards to either buffing or nerfing Legends "pretty much every character we released post-launch was either weak on release or under-appreciated by the community at large (I'm thinking Wattson here; she was always strong, but mostly played in competitive only.)"

While signs point towards Respawn putting out a buff for Wattson, it seems we will have to patiently wait for one. No specific dates have been given for an update for the Legend.