Wayfarer Pokemon GO: Everything You Need to Know About the Service

Wayfarer Pokemon GO service is now open to players level 38 and above
Wayfarer Pokemon GO service is now open to players level 38 and above / Niantic Labs

Wayfarer Pokemon GO is a service that allows players to plot their own points of interest.

Niantic is seeking eligible trainers of level 38 and above in Pokemon GO to join its Wayfarer program as Wayfinders, according to a post on the company's official blog on June 8.

Launched in November 2019, the Wayfarer community has grown to just shy of 2 million individuals with the same goal: submitting input from the real world to be featured in-game. Previously, the requirements to join were more demanding, but as of yesterday it appears players will only need to prove their worth with two measures: a high level and a passing mark on the tutorial quiz.

Do you have what it takes to shape the map of Pokemon GO?

Wayfarer Pokemon GO

Augmented reality (AR) games like Pokemon GO and Niantic's very own flagship title, Ingress, depend on input from the world around them. Every point and plot you can tangibly visit in-game was placed by an individual the company refers to as a "Wayfinder." This person is responsible for cataloging and submitting points of interest—also known as "Wayspots"—to be recognized on the map.

These points are "nominated," as noted by Niantic in their post, to be made official through mass review and approval later on.

In addition to level 38 trainers, Ingress agents of level 10 are also eligible to be recruited. Clearly, Niantic wants to "hire" players who've put a certain amount of time and dedication to their games. It's likely this is meant to ensure the quality of the program's acknowledged Wayfinders.

However, just joining the community doesn't mean you can dive right in to submitting and nominating. While the Wayfarer community is now open to lower-level players, the right to submit nominations and edits is still reserved for those at max.

There are perks to joining the community, of course. Pokemon GO players will get to earn points toward a shiny new "Wayfinder" medal. These points can also be rewarded retroactively for those who've been active in the community prior.