Weekend League Rewards Madden 20: Every Reward You Can Earn

Weekend League rewards in Madden 20 were set back in August and continues one weekend of each month until June 2020. This system was put in place for the top tier players in the Madden Ultimate Team community.

Starting in August, Weekend League will be open for all players to participate. This year, Weekend League will be an open event the first weekend of each monthly WL cycle.

The last rewards went out on Oct. 10 for the September cycle.

Weekend League Rewards Madden 20

Amateurs, rookies, and pros received only one reward. Veterans and up received at least two to three rewards. If you planned on playing in October, you had to have played during the week of Oct. 7. The next free weekend is the week of Nov. 4 and players will receive rewards for Oct. 7 around Nov. 10. It's a confusing system, but basically you have a chance to play in the free weekend, then earn rewards for the previous month if you played in the league.

You can see the full list of rewards on the Weekend League Rewards blog post.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports