Werewolf Oddity in Wizards Unite

Werewolf oddity in Wizards Unite is part of the game's achievements. A werewolf is a creature that strikes fear into the heart of any witch or wizard. Though not unique to the Wizarding World, Werewolves have populated its common lore and thus are making an appearance in Wizards Unite.

Here's a guide to the Werewolf so you won't have to turn to page 394.

Werewolf in Wizards Unite

A Werewolf—also known as a "lycanthrope"—is a human who has been stricken with a magical illness called "lycanthropy" and undergoes a painful transformation into a wolf during the full moon.

Werewolf Oddity as it appears in-game.
Werewolf Oddity as it appears in-game. /

In Wizards Unite, the Werewolf falls under the Oddity family. This means that when they are encountered in the wild, they must be taken down by combat in order to receive their Foundable fragments. It takes eight total fragments to place the image in your Registry.

Werewolves are high threat level Foundables that can only be encountered at night in the days immediately prior, during, and after the full moon. They weren't available in-game until mid-July.

According to Wizarding World lore, this infection is spread by contact between an already existing Werewolf's saliva to their victim's blood—i.e. by a bite. The lore states that only powdered silver and dittany leaves can be used to magically seal the wound. This will not stop the wound from scarring as all Werewolves retain their scars from a bite or a scratch.

Once transformed, Werewolves lose their human sentience and often suffer from a sort of circumstantial amnesia. A Werewolf will attack anyone around them in their bestial state, simply because they don't remember their human lives. However, once they return to human form, they keep all the memories of their actions as a beast. This is why some humans beg for death rather than be afflicted with lycanthropy.

This can be avoided with a specific potion known as the Wolfsbane potion which allows Werewolves to retain their human minds.

Famous Werewolves include former Hogwarts Professor Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback.

Photo courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer, Niantic Labs.