What Are Legion Arms in Lies of P?

The Legion Arms in Lies of P look amazing.
The Legion Arms in Lies of P look amazing. / NEOWIZ

Lies of P has finally arrived on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC ( via Steam and Microsoft.) This souls-like featuring Pinocchio is a dark adventure where the boy travels through the grueling city of Krat and battles the most grotesque beats.

Lies of P has several weapons, including swords, axes, and more. Players are curious about Legion Arms in particular.

What Are Legion Arms in Lies of P?

If you like fighting styles involving robot arms, you may want to try some Legion Arms. Players can pick from eight.

Here's a description of each Legion Arm, as shown in the Legion Arm Showcase

  • The Left Arm of Steel packs a powerful punch and is the starting Legion Arm.
  • Deus Ex Machina sets bombs on the ground.
  • Aegis acts as a shield for defense and a circular saw for offense.
  • Falcon Eyes shoots explosives.
  • Puppet String pulls an enemy towards Pinocchio. The upgraded version does the opposite, allowing the character to land heavier blows.
  • Fulminis is an electric arm.
  • Flamberge is a flame-thrower.
  • Pandemonium spews acid.

Players should remember Legion Arms can only be used so much until they need to recharge. It’s best to save these weapons for the most challenging bosses.