What are Roof Grooves in Dying Light 2?

Photo courtesy Techland

Roof grooves in Dying Light 2 are important parts of the city in which resources can be found to craft recipes that can help the player along their journey. But it's not just craftable items that can be found but weapons as well.

What are Roof Grooves in Dying Light 2?

In the newest game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players are introduced to a mission called ‘Getting Stronger.' During the mission, players will come across certain areas called roof grooves where items such as honey, lavender, resin, and feathers can be found to craft recipes. These recipes can include crafting medicine to help the player heal and give to other NPCs.

In specific roof grooves, players can find crystals. Crystals are very valuable and can be used to trade for other equipment at vendors. Players can also exchange these crystals for Old World Coins in order to have a more efficient way to spend currency in the markets that surround the world of Dying Light 2.

Finding these roof grooves can be easy as some signs are dense vegetation with tall yellow trees as well as residing in the city of Villedor. In these areas players can also find abandoned weapons.