What are Shrubs in Fortnite?

Finding shrubs for players to destroy can be a challenge.
Finding shrubs for players to destroy can be a challenge. / Photo by Epic Games

Shrubs in Fortnite are a part of a weekly challenge to start off Season 7, and players all across the game have been scouring the map to try and find them. With the start of a new battle pass, everyone is on the lookout for experience points to snag new rewards and prizes. For those feeling lost or exasperated with their search for these bushes, don't worry.

What are Shrubs in Fortnite?

Shrubs are basically...shrubs. They're destructible objects that are scattered across the map, and for this weekly challenge, players have to find and destroy 25 of them. Doing so will net players 25,000 XP, but the tricky part is finding enough of them to destroy. While they are spread out across the map, there are a good amount of them situated in places like Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Holly Hedges. Drop in those areas, and after a few games, you should have eliminated enough of those nasty bushes to complete the weekly challenge, and earn yourself that sweet, sweet XP.

After getting rid of those bushes, how about working on a far different objective, and place some rubber ducks around the map? Or better yet, players can embrace the unknown in the vast voids of space, and search for alien artifacts new to Season 7.