What Are Sky Jellies in Fortnite?

Epic Games

Wondering what Sky Jellies are in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1? Here's what you need to know.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is well underway, and with the first season of this new chapter there's plenty of things to learn, find and use throughout the new island. Plenty of new weapons have entered the pool, from the Ex-Caliber Rifle to the Thunder Shotgun. But elsewhere on the island are other phenomena to discover.

Every now and then, Epic Games adds in some environmental variations to its Fortnite island. We've seen wolves, boars, and even raptors stalk the hills. But Chapter 4 has added something else into the mix.

What Are Sky Jellies in Fortnite?

Sky Jellies are a new random spawning critter that can be found across the Fortnite island, resembling adorable jellyfish. They prefer the warmer parts of the map, and can be found most commonly floating around areas like Anvil Square, Shattered Slabs an even Slappy Shores.

These critters have more of a purpose than just looking cute. Players can use Sky Jellies to restore their Health and Shield. Jumping up on top of a Sky Jelly, when its floating close enough to the ground, will launch you into the air while restoring 20 Health or 20 Shield.

Week 4 of Chapter 4 even has a quest which tasks players with restoring Health and Shield by jumping on Sky Jellies. You'll need to restore a total of 50 Health or Shield to complete this quest, which works out to three Sky Jellies.