What Are the Best Upgrades in No Man’s Sky?

Photo via Sean Murray

Players that are new to No Man's Sky might be confused when it comes to what upgrades they should be looking out for or ones they should pass up.

In No Man's Sky, players have tons of options when it comes to upgrading their gear, whether that's their Exosuit, Multi-Tool, or Starship.

Here's everything that we know about what upgrades are the best upgrades that players should make sure to take advantage of while playing No Man's Sky.

What Are the Best Upgrades in No Man’s Sky?

According to players on r/NoMansSkyTheGame, a subreddit dedicated to giving tips and tricks to new players, one player made a post titled What early upgrades/modules should I look for? which sparked a lot of conversation from those who are veterans to the game.

In the post, u/johntash asked for tips on what upgrades to purchase or keep on his character while playing, stating that he only had 20 hours in the game at this point in time.

Of course, those who are familiar with the game chimed in.

"I would only spend nanites on S class mods personally, for the price difference from A class you might as well invest in the best," u/Iphicritese said, "S class scanner mods can make you a lot of money early on, and an S class shield mod for your exosuit is nice extra padding to have for the occasional heated debate over free will with the sentinals."

While u/gary_williams wrote, "My first six upgrades are always six S-class movement modules, because moving around a planet surface is unbearably slow otherwise. Install three in your general inventory, and three in your tech inventory. If you receive any other upgrades from damaged machinery or NPCs before acquiring six S-class movement modules, I would exchange them at any upgrade vendor for nanites."