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What are the New ilvl Levels for Shadowlands 9.1?

Gear can be obtained from the new Sanctum of Domination raid
Gear can be obtained from the new Sanctum of Domination raid / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination, released on June 29 and with it came a new raid, the Sanctum of Domination, the new Korthia zone, the new Broker Megadungeon, advancement of storylines, flying, new gems, and more. Of course, new gear was added leaving players to wonder: what’re the new ilvl levels for Shadowlands?

There are several ways to obtain gear in the new patch, be it catch-up gear from the zone, Korthia, crafting legendaries, or the new megadungeon and raid. 

What're the New ilvl Levels for Shadowlands 9.1?


The base Shadowlands ilvls are still there: Normal Dungeon loot with 197 and the base Mythic dungeon at 210 ilvl. The newest dungeon addition, Tazavesh, bumps this up to a 226 ilvl — one higher than last patch’s Great Vault highest reward. Tazavesh’s HARD MODE gives 233 ilvl and the new Mythic plus dungeons can range from 213 to 252, depending on key level.


For the Sanctum of Domination, ilvls differ depending on its difficulty.

Raid Finder - 213 ilvl, last two bosses 220 ilvl

Normal - 226 ilvl, last two bosses 233 ilvl

Heroic - 239 ilvl, last two bosses 246 ilvl

Mythic - 252 ilvl, last two bosses 259 ilvl

PvP Vendor

PvP gear is getting a +13 ilvl of the gear when doing PvP Content. This ilvl can range from 184 to 259 at its highest rating.

The Great Vault

Similar to the same system implemented for Shadowlands’ release, it will also follow it for 9.1 Whatever difficulty players complete their dungeons, raid bosses or PvP will be what comes as a reward from the weekly chest.