What Are the Portals in the Sky in Pokemon GO?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

The Season of Mischief is right around the corner in Pokemon GO, and Hoopa is responsible for everything. In addition to all the events and changes that will happen in the game, players are now noticing floating ring portals in the sky, and many aren’t quite sure what they mean. So what are the Portals in the Sky in Pokemon GO?

Hoopa is a Psychic/Ghost Mythical Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and it’s known to have a tendency to cause mischief using portals to warp people, objects, and Pokemon. These portals are made of rings that come from its body, being able to summon them at will. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, almost every Legendary and Mythical Pokemon appeared in the Hoenn Region because of these portals, which allowed players to have a plethora of powerful beasts to obtain. 

What Are the Portals in the Sky in Pokemon GO?

Now, the rings currently do not serve a purpose. Players cannot interact with them, and they are not currently connected to any sort of gameplay mechanic as of writing, which has caused some disappointment. They are purely visual and will not influence the player in any way, though admittedly, they still ominously loom over the world. 

For those who understand the lore behind the Ultra Unlock event and Hoopa, the rings could perhaps serve as a hint for what’s to come later on in the Season of Mischief. There is already a whole lineup of events and encounters planned for this time, with many more to be announced during the duration of the season, so the rings may eventually serve a purpose.

The Season of Mischief is slated to begin Sept. 1 and end on Dec. 1.