What Do Beans Do in Among Us?

Photo courtesy of Innersloth

What do Beans do in Among Us?

Innersloth's recent update to their popular online game, Among Us, includes new roles for each player and Cosmicubes that can be unlocked. An important addition to this update are Beans, a new in-game currency that all players can obtain.

Among Us' primary in-game currency has been Stars, which can be purchased with real money in bundles through the game. Players have expressed to Innersloth that they want more accessible ways to obtain in-game customizations.

What do Beans do in Among Us?

In response to fans of Among Us, Innersloth's newest update now allows all players to obtain Beans just by playing a normal online game. At the end of the game, Beans are rewarded to every player no matter if they were on the winning or losing team. The Beans can then be used to purchase different customizations at the in-game shop.

The new update has also introduced Pods, which can only be obtained when a Cosmicube is activated throughout the game. Pods are used to unlock new pathways which include exclusive cosmetics in coordination with the Cosmicube activated. Luckily, Cosmicubes can be purchased with either Stars or Beans.

Among Us' in-game shop features cosmetic, pets and bundles that customizes a player's character, which has also received new items with the update. These customizations are shown in-game and do not change the gameplay at all, but are enjoyable to many fans of Among Us.