What do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

What do Cows Eat in Minecraft: Explained
What do Cows Eat in Minecraft: Explained | Mojang Studios via Minecraft Wiki

What do cows eat in Minecraft is relatively simple to figure out.

Like most games, as Minecraft has aged, more features have been added to it. What was once a simple block-styled survival game has blossomed into something that has touched nearly every part of the internet. Now, between running from creepers and mining for diamonds, players can also run their very own farmstead with domesticated animals such as pigs, sheep, and cows.

In order to domesticate these animals, however, they need to be fed. The way to any animal's heart is usually through its stomach, after all.

What do Cows Eat in Minecraft

Cows—and other similar animals, like sheep—can be fed wheat.

Players can grow wheat by breaking open different variants of grass to find seeds. These seeds can be planted in prepared plots of farmland and be grown into full wheat crops. Once fully grown, the crops can be harvested into bushels of wheat. It's this wheat, specifically, that can be used to feed your cows.

It should be noted that players need to keep their farmland plots hydrated. Planting near a river or digging a trough for the water to seep between your planted rows are the best ways to achieve this. Wheat will also grow faster if sprinkled with Bone Meal.

The process of taming a cow requires wheat to work properly. Players simply need to hold out their wheat bushel and lure a cow into a pen enclosure.

When two cows are fed, they may reproduce and have calves.