What Do Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?

Zero Point Fish come in several varieties.
Zero Point Fish come in several varieties. / Courtesy of Epic Games

What do Zero Point Fish do in Fortnite? These Rare fish were first added to the game in Chapter 2 Season 5, as part of the Zero Point storyline, released Dec. 2, 2020 and concluding March 15, 2021. They were returned to the game Thursday.

These fish have a clear connection between the multiverse compacting powers of the Zero Point, and their in-game effects reflect that connection. Here's what they do.

What Does a Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?

After catching a Zero Point Fish, players can consume it to heal for 15 health. More notably, they'll also be able to execute a short teleport by double-pressing the jump button. It's essentially the same effect as using a Zero Point Crystal, but in fish form.

Players can also throw Zero Point Fish by holding the aim button and firing. The game offers a projectile arc preview to make aiming easier. When the fish lands, it will ping squad-mates on its location.

Zero Point Fish are most often caught in Fishing Holes, but there is also a small chance of catching one in calm waters. They come in five different varieties, each with a different appearance but bearing the same effect. Here's where to catch each type.

  • Tiger Zero Fish: Coastal Areas
  • Leafy Zero Fish: Forest Areas
  • Crimson Zero Fish: Mountainous Areas
  • Skull Zero Fish: Swamp Areas
  • Crystal Zero Fish: Anywhere