What Does AFK Mean in Among Us?

The term "AFK" has a unique meaning in rounds of Among Us.
The term "AFK" has a unique meaning in rounds of Among Us. | InnerSloth LLC

The term "AFK" has a unique meaning in rounds of Among Us.

InnerSloth's Among Us has inspired several behaviors and phrases used by both Crewmates and Imposters, alike. While not directly from the game, the phrase "AFK" has become commonplace to describe periods of inactivity by users regardless of platform. Elder "netizens" may look upon this piece with nostalgia for their own first days on the web.

Below, we've outlined the particular usage of AFK in Among Us.

What Does AFK Mean in Among Us

"AFK" is an acronym that means "Away From Keyboard." In the context of Among Us, this is often used to reference a time when the player isn't paying attention to the game—whether they put down their phone, minimized the game window, left their setup to perform a real-life task, or simply looked away.

AFK players are easy to spot as they tend to stay in one place for a long period of time before moving again. However, this behavior also describes Imposters looking to fake tasks by parking themselves against a panel or terminal. Imposters may claim they were AFK to hide the fact they were lying in wait for their next victim or surveying the area.

This is one of the oldest acronyms in Internet and gaming history. Users have been using the term since the invention of the keyboard, itself. It was popularized in the early 1990s when IRC chat rooms were at their peak. However, the exact origin is unknown simply due to its prevalence over the years.

From raid parties to chat logs, AFK is one of the most common phrases to date.