What Does Branthium Mean in Apex Legends Season 7?

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

After a ton of speculation about when Apex Legends Season 7 was set to begin, the date has been recently moved up. Along with the new start date, teasers like a UFO have also been placed in-game to add on to players theories about what is instore for them.

Aside from all of that, the real question on many players minds for the next season of Apex Legneds is what is Branthium? It could be a place, new legend ability, a new weapon, anything. In a teaser for the new legend Horizon who is being added as the new legend for next season, you can here the character utter the word "Branthium" through static.

The first time many Apex fans remember even have heard the word Branthium was way back in Season 5 from the character Ash when she said "All roads lead to Branthium". It is believed that this is the developers attempt at word play on the phrase "All Roads Lead to Rome". Still the question remains, what does it mean?

Without any confirmed news or updates, and Respawn keeping leaks of the upcoming season to a minimum fan theories are going to continue to grow most likely until release day. Developers are leaving a lot to the imagination on this one. Even with the confirmed recently confirmed buffs added for Apex Legends Season 7, the top priority on many players and fans minds is figuring out and piecing together clues to figure out what Branthium really is.